An American handcrafted spirit.


Every small batch is given detailed attention and thoroughness required to meet the highest standards of quality. Our distillation process sets up for back-to-back distillations aggressively removing impurities from the heads and tails before entering a significant resting period. It then goes through the same process twice more for a total series of six distillation processes. This process of 3 highly-controlled double distillation phases results in a 6x distilled spirit that is already much purer than other premium vodkas.

Finishing Touches

We excel in completing our craft during the final stages before bottling. Once our complex rectifying process is complete, we introduce our final and most important control to our ultra-premium vodka.  We begin with the filtering process of our coconut water which we blend with an ultra-pure water source that is first distilled, then undergoes a reverse osmosis process and then deionized so our coconut water is the only nuance added to the neutral spirit.  Our vodka is then reintroduced to our commercial filtration process before bottling.  The stylistic result of our carefully crafted process is a complex, ultra-smooth vodka absent of any astringent qualities with a exquisite mouth feel complimented by the oily complexity of our coconut water without any coconut flavor.